Hi, I'm Christy

I’m the blogger behind Something Swiss, a lifestyle and travel blog about Switzerland. I'm originally from East Bay, San Francisco, but now I live in Zurich where I work as a UX & interaction designer.

I started this blog as a way to learn more about Switzerland, as I integrate into Swiss society.

Guest Post


Meet Christy Blum #traveltribesouls

December 24, 2016

For this edition of #traveltribesouls, allow me to introduce the amazing, determined, fun, and cheerful Christy Blum. From her undeniable love for Switzerland, to the time she almost threw up on a couple of temples, her interview will have you hooked.

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AUGUST 1, 2016

The summer after college graduation, I packed my bags and moved to Switzerland. I had two suitcases for two years, though a part of me suspected I would stay much longer. 

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